Maple Syrup in Kentucky Workshops

Have you thought about producing your own pure Kentucky maple syrup? Did you know that most maple syrup producers in Kentucky sell ALL of their product nearly as quickly as they can bottle it? UK Forestry and Natural Resources Extension is partnering with the Kentucky Maple Syrup Association and the Kentucky Center for Agriculture and Rural Development to host four maple syrup workshops starting in September and culminating with the 2021 Kentucky Maple Syrup School on November 6 at the Letcher County Extension Office. Workshops are free but registration is required.


September - November 2021


9/14/21 - 7-8:30 PM Eastern, Zoom
Sugaring in the South: Maple Syrup in Kentucky

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10/23/21 - 11 AM -2 PM Central, In-person
Davis Family Farm in Greensburg, KY

Were you planning on attending the 10/23/21 Maple Syrup Farm Tour? Thanks for your interest in the 10/23/21 Maple Syrup Farm Tour however registration is now closed due to overwhelming demand.

10/14/21 - 7-8:30 PM Eastern, Zoom
Maple Syrup Toolbox

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11/6/21 - 10 AM - 3:30 PM Eastern, In-person
2021 Kentucky Maple School
Letcher County Extension Office

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